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InfoTech partners with Boardroom Events
Boardroom Events partners with Info-Tech Research for best in market insight for our community.
Info-Tech offers actionable research and resources tailored specifically for the unique needs of midmarket companies.
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Info~Tech Research Group 2018 application trends report offered by Boardroom Events
The business relies on the CIO to identify and seize relevant technology at the height of its promise. However, CIOs often come up short or cannot achieve business buy-in. In 2018, the most valued CIO is a business partner. The pressure is on to move beyond supporting operations to become a driving force behind business growth. In the sea of emerging technology, you are the business’ navigator. Do you know where your business needs to go?


Enjoy complimentary access to Info-Tech’s 2018 CIO Trends Report!
Info~Tech's Cloud CTO Comparison Toolkit offered by Boardroom Events
To get the desired value from implementing a cloud solution, organizations should constantly know exactly how much cloud services are costing and the cost of alternatives by managing an effective cloud service portfolio. Two types of TCO comparisons can be conducted using this tool: TCO of a cloud service vs. TCO of providing a service internally, and TCO of multiple cloud services.
InfoTech and Boardroom Events presents Infrastructure Trend Report 2017
“In this report, Info-Tech Research Group focuses on five trends that will demand the attention of the infrastructure and operations manager in 2017… Info-Tech has identified seven key-initiative-plan areas that infrastructure and operations managers need to focus on for success in their role. In addition to identifying why it is important to take action related to the five trends, we will also point to how such actions fit into one or more of these key initiatives.”

Director, Infrastructure Practice
Info-Tech Research Group

InfoTech and Boardroom Events presents Microsoft Licensing Tool Kit
Microsoft licensing is complicated. Often, the same software can be licensed a number of ways and it’s difficult to know which edition and licensing model is best. Our critical insights will provide you the tools you need to succeed with tangible results: real time savings, monetary impact, and project improvements.
InfoTech and Boardroom Events presents Redesign IT Governance to Drive Optimal Business Results
Optimizing IT Governance is the most effective way to consistently direct IT spend to areas that provide the most value in producing and supporting business outcomes, yet it is rarely done well…Access this Info-Tech Research to help you guide business leaders to take responsibility for share governing authority of IT.
InfoTech and Boardroom Events presents Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions
Improve business decision making and minimize cost by selecting only the most important BI capabilities. Enjoy complimentary access to our BI strategy toolkit to guide your team through a phased process to launch a selection project, choose a solution best aligned for your company’s needs and implement that BI solution for data-based decision making.
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