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Analyst Perspective

“In a milieu of lightning-fast technological change, stating that ‘the future is now’ is rhetorical almost to the point of meaninglessness. However, there is always a point where a forward- looking future trend starts to make a tangible difference in the here and now.

In this report, Info-Tech Research Group focuses on five trends that will demand the attention of the infrastructure and operations manager in 2017. They require your attention because of threat or opportunity, or both. These are not necessarily new trends. Cloud computing, for example, didn’t just land on us. But in each trend, there is something going on in 2017 – beyond the hype and buzzwords – that is important.

Info-Tech has identified seven key-initiative-plan areas that infrastructure and operations managers need to focus on for success in their role. In addition to identifying why it is important to take action related to the five trends, we will also point to how such actions fit into one or more of these key initiatives.”

Director, Infrastructure Practice
Info-Tech Research Group


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