Peter Moore
President - Wild Oaks Enterprises, LLC.
Fall 2017 Presentations: ~ Leadership Workshop - Day 1 - The Four Zones Model: Finding the right balance between operational excellence and business innovation Sponsored by  8x8, Inc. at the Midmarket CIO Forum presented by Boardroom Events The 2017 State of the CIO survey found that 72% of respondents said they were struggling to strike the right balance between operational excellence and business innovation. 87% of respondents also said that “juggling transformational and functional responsibilities has become a permanent job requirement, not a short-term challenge.” Peter Moore will introduce the Four Zones Model as a new organizational framework that helps CIOs and their leadership teams find the right balance between:
  • A need for innovative approaches to enable their organizations to deploy five disruptive technologies: Cloud, Mobile, Social, Data Science and Internet of Things.
  • A need to evolve from lengthy waterfall-based technology implementations to the more rapid agile development approach. The Plan, Build, Run model will be displaced by a Co-Develop, Assemble, Consume model.
  • A need to embed a trapped value assessment process to identify opportunities to shift resources and funds from maintaining legacy systems of record to developing new systems of engagement and systems of intelligence.
  • A need to utilize new methodologies and tools to recruit, develop and retain the relevant new skills and capabilities necessary to lead and manage a digital enterprise.
~ Leadership Breakout - Day 2 - Early Adopters of the Four Zones Model Sponsored by  8x8, Inc. at the Midmarket CIO Forum presented by Boardroom Events Peter Moore will lead a group discussion on how participants are currently working to find the right balance between operational excellence and business innovation. He will draw on select use cases from early adopters of the Four Zones Model including ICANN, SpaceX and Splunk to help guide this discussion. Biography: Peter D. Moore is a business and IT strategy advisor specializing in helping companies manage for exponential revenue and net income growth in today's economy. Over the past ten years, Mr. Moore has worked with CEO's, CIO's and other senior executives from Citigroup, Charles Schwab, Johnson & Johnson, Mead Westvaco, Microsoft, Tommy Hilfiger, SAP, SAS Institute and VMware. Over the past several years he has collaborated with his brother Geoffrey Moore to develop new models and tools to enable companies get out in front of a major transformative change in enterprise IT. He has introduced a new 4 Zone Model to help CIOs and their senior leadership teams maximize the business value of IT. Early client engagements include Amgen, Clorox, FedEx, HP Enterprise, ICANN, Intuit, Molina Healthcare, UBER and VMware. Before establishing his own consulting practice, Mr. Moore spent 12 years as a managing partner at Inferential Focus, a market intelligence firm that specializes in detecting major economic, social, technological and geo-political changes both in the U.S. and abroad. He started and managed the firms practice with major corporations that included clients such as AIG, Citibank, Cigna, Ford, GE Capital, Leo Burnett, Microsoft, Pfizer, Philip Morris and Rothschild NA. Prior to joining Inferential Focus in March of 1989, Mr. Moore spent seven years at the New York Stock Exchange where he was Senior Vice President of Corporate Relations. In that position, he was responsible for the Exchange's strategic planning, corporate marketing, media relations and government relations as well as its economic research and marketing research divisions. While at Inferential Focus, Mr. Moore co-authored a book with his former partner, Ken Hey, entitled The Caterpillar Doesn't Know – How Personal Change is Creating Organizational Change, which was published July 15, 1998.