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Rule 23: If it were easy, it would have been done already

Rule 23: If it were easy, it would have been done already

Our clients rely on Boardroom Events to be a conduit for valuable personal connections and insight into what’s shaping information technology in the midmarket space,…

Humanizing technology: How to apply a code of ethics

Data privacy conversations have finally moved out of corporate boardrooms to family dinner tables following investigations into Facebook and Cambridge Analytica’s role influencing the 2016…

Women on a Mission | BE Resilient

The Boardroom Events team joined forces this month in Puerto Rico to offer some much-needed support and love to a community still recovering from last…

Cybersecurity as Competitive Advantage?

New York native Don Devine is a loyal Giants fan, but he points to Bill Belichick’s organizational and coaching skills at the helm of the…

Collaboration tools carry potential security risks

Collaboration tools, such as work product-associated platforms such as Asana and chat-based platforms such as Slack and Yammer, are quickly becoming the norm in businesses…
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