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Biometrics and realistic authentication should not replace 2FA and MFA security

Spy movie biometrics technology is safest on the big screen

You’ve probably been in this situation before; you have a password expiring, you change it and forget it the next time you try and log into your system or device. If you are an IT professional, there have been countless tickets processed because of employees doing just that – too many attempts and locking themselves out.

This might be one of the reasons why biometrics, or realistic authentication, are becoming increasingly popular. Your face is your face. Your fingerprint is unique to you alone, enough to make the fingerprint registry still one of the top ways of catching criminals. Plus, who doesn’t love the idea of super spy stuff like entering a device using iris recognition technology?

There are some serious concerns with using biometrics alone, including the security of devices and how the data can be used in other ways. There is a strong recommendation to employ either a two or multifactor authentication (2FA, MFA).

Boardroom Events has brought the experts on adding additional safety measures on all the devices across your organization.

Security of devices

Yes, it is very easy to use a biometric to log onto devices. The issue is how safe those devices are. Imagine that you are being robbed – the perpetrator can hold the device up to your face or force your finger on the sensor to gain access to your information.

Not only that, there are teams of hackers working on how to break into the devices. Recently, iris identification on the Galaxy S8 from Samsung was imitated by using a picture and contact lenses. Plus, 3D printers can print an entire house, a model of your face is not farfetched.

You want to keep your intellectual capital safe and utilizing protection via 2FA and MFA for every user across the organization is important. Our expert partnersoffer the solutions you need.

Big brother is always watching what you are watching

You may have a device that facial recognition is always on, like the iPhone X. An additional danger this poses you, the user is not aware when and what your biometrics are being used for. Several apps utilize this technology such as the app Animoji, which are collecting a 3D model of your face if you use it.

These same cameras can track what you are viewing on the screen. A company can track the data on what you are watching and your reaction to it and right now, the technology has advanced faster than the rules and regulations covering it.

Sometimes the company tracking your usage is actually doing it to “protect you” and your devices to make sure it is you logging in.

Making sense of it all and staying ahead of the tech

Utilizing networking to discuss the best practices and meeting expert vendors with 2FA and MFA technologies is one of the best ways to stop muddling through the security threats within your own organization and utilize the combined knowledge of other experts and the latest suppliers in a collaborative manner.

Join us at Midmarket CIO Forum from September 30 to October 2, 2018, or Midmarket CISO Forum from February 3 to February 5, 2019. If you need more immediate help, schedule a virtual boardroom meeting today!

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