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Info~Tech Research Group 2018 application trends report offered by Boardroom Events

Your Challenge

The business relies on the CIO to identify and seize relevant technology at the height of its promise. However, CIOs often come up short or cannot achieve business buy-in.

In 2018, the most valued CIO is a business partner. The pressure is on to move beyond supporting operations to become a driving force behind business growth. In the sea of emerging technology, you are the business’ navigator. Do you know where your business needs to go?

Our Advice

Critical Insight

Let business enablers be your compass.

A strategic direction is essential to making the right technological investments. Not every trend is worth pursuing, but missing the ones that are can be costly. An enablers-focused approach gives you a framework to strategically evaluate emerging technology’s alignment with your business’ direction. Use a business-enablers-centered outlook to effectively separate opportunities from distractions.

Impact and Result

Go from browsing to doing. Use this report to learn what is driving each trend and how they have evolved from previous years. Use the business enablers framework presented in this report to create the foundation for your adoption strategy. Determine which trends are worth your attention, chart an adoption course, and begin to build a business case for your stakeholders.


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