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What’s a Virtual Roundtable?

  • An interactive discussion [not a webinar]
  • Convenient networking at your desk
  • High-level conversations with midmarket peers

Thursday, Feb. 15 • 2 pm EST

We all know the stereotypes.

Boomers nearing retirement age lamenting “lazy and entitled” Millennials. Gens X, Y and Z getting frustrated with sluggish tech adoption and the methodical pace of business. Young innovators and trailblazers feeling stifled by “how it’s always been done”.

These perceptions can lead to friction and ineffective communications in business, especially in the IT department.

But they may also offer insight into strengths and talents within your diverse team.

Join other midmarket tech leaders and chat with leading CIOs who’ve found ways to bridge the communication and skill gaps across their IT organizations.

Janet Stone
Janet Stone, USAA
Lea Deesing,
City of Riverside
Mary Patry, ITeffectivity

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