James Alexander
SVP, CIO and Vendor Practice - InfoTech

~ Session- Day 2 - Riding the Blockchain Revolution - How to capitalize on this technology in your organization.

The last few years have seen Blockchain emerge as a true disruptor to the business landscape, but to many executives, the value and usage of Blockchain technology is still unclear. Yet two-third of firms report that they expect it to be integrated into their systems by the end of 2018.

Blockchain is not just about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Understanding distributed ledger, smart contracts, and all the mechanisms that drive this technology can enable you to see whether it represents an opportunity, or a threat within your business.


James is responsible for developing and delivering thought leadership to help Info-Tech customers unlock the potential of technology as a transformative force within their businesses.

James has been both an entrepreneur and an executive in the technology industry over the past 25 years. As an entrepreneur, he led retail, VAR and system integration organizations including, CTI Solutions Group, EduConnect, Telesolutions Inc, The Stone Soup Software Co, and Metafore, and has also held a senior sales management position at Microsoft Canada. Since 2002, James has turned his attention to working with across the spectrum of IT leaders, technology suppliers and their partners to help create a synergistic and effective ecosystem. He works with IT and business leaders to help them realize the full potential of technology in their businesses and has designed and implemented an innovative series of programs including “The Quest for the Smartest IT.”

James has held a variety of senior roles over ten plus years at Info-Tech, and prior to his current role as SVP, CIO and Vendor Practice, he led McLean and Co, a division of Info-Tech that provides research and advisory service to HR leaders around the world.

James was twice named to Channel Business Magazine’s “Who’s Who” listing as well as being a Newsmaker of the Year in Computer Dealer News. He is quoted on technology issues in both the business and trade press and is a frequent speaker at events and conferences.